10. Dwa Brzegi Festival

The concept of graphic theme came from the form of the festival. The complexed composition of tangled cinema screens symbolises the exchange between the artist and the audience.

It is also a metaphoric map of numerous artistic events and temporary cinemas, which are being built every year in two host towns Reinassance Kazimierz Dolny and Janowiec.

Responsive branding

The aim was to prepare flexible and responsive visual system which can be easily stretched to different ratios. Big part of promotional materials were prepared inhouse by different sponsors. That's why a key to success was to keep visual identity easy-to-use, simple and flexible.

Typographic visual language

10th anniversary edition required, obviously, a big '10' on the poster. I've took it as my great opportunity to develop it to the whole set and make a typographic visual language from them. They were used in e.g. film programme and festival daily newspapers.

Art Direction: Zuzanna Rogatty
Design: Zuzanna Rogatty
DTP: Radosław Bućko & sponsors