11. Dwa Brzegi Festival

Dwa Brzegi Film and Art Festival is an unique artistic and cultural project destined for the enthusiasts of cinema. For the 4th time I've designed its visual communication.

The complete branding set include promotional materials such as poster, tickets, ids, film programme, signage, animation, bags and tshirts.

The graphic theme is based on a contrast between cute pink clouds and worrying handmade lettering.

It refers to the spectrum of Festival's film programme. None of the movie is neutral. Each of them triggers deep reflection in the viewer, which is symbolised by the clouds.

Custom fluffy numerals used in film programme are important part of visual language as a continuation of the logotype.

Art Direction: Zuzanna Rogatty
Design: Zuzanna Rogatty
Animation: Katarzyna Turowska
DTP: Radosław Bućko & sponsors
Photos: Zuzanna Rogatty, Joanna Kurdziel-Morytko, Krzysztof Wójcik