Designed in Mamastudio

Cityfit is an innovative 24/7 fitness chain with 14 locations in Poland. It disperses with the image of a typical bodybuilder and opens itself up to clients who have never attended a gym.

The impressive 500m2 in Warsaw facility makes it easy to get lost! For this reason we created a visual wayfinding system to help navigate you inside the gym.

The workout equipment has been divided into 9 separate spheres, each accompanied by unique iconography and colour codes.

The visual and textual aspect of this system makes the space more comfortable for those less athletic and muscular. The pleasant icon and colour system is a warm welcome to those who are not acquainted with daily physical exercise.

Art Director: Magdalena Ponagajbo
Graphic Design: Zuzanna Rogatty
Strategic Director: Piotr Ręczajski
Project Manager: Magdalena Assanowicz