Monck Custom

Born from love for mountains and skiing come Monck Custom Skis, made for those with passion for quality and new experiences.

Handcrafted with precision personalised products fit your needs and specifications for all kinds of skiing activities. Each pair of skis is custom made and personalised in terms of height, weight and skill of skier.

We've created 4 photo sets of Monck ski models which represent different styles of skiing.

1. Cutter — slope skis. Dedicated for those who loves to have fun skiing on piste.
2. Le Gid — the true spirit of skimountaineering. Free tour skis.
3. Monck FR — ultimate big mountain machine. The best for freeride.
4. Cruise — this ski surf in powder and lively reacts. For Freeride & Skitour.

Monck Custom brand identity and the product itself is based on simplicity, honesty and functionality.

Both the name and monogram were inspired by Mnich (monk in english), a mountain peak found in the Polish Tatras. The simple modernist typography with the adjusted letter N represents our custom made product, tailored to fit individual needs and expectations.

Designed in Mamastudio
Art Direction: Michał Pawlik, Zuzanna Rogatty
Graphic design: Zuzanna Rogatty
Monogram concept: Maciej Rabeko
Still life photography: Max Zieliński
Set design: Wulkan