Nowa Jadłonomia

Nowa Jadłonomia is a cookbook written by Marta Dymek - author of the most popular polish vegan blog called Jadłonomia. Her big mission is to show people the richness of plant-based food and to encourage them to change their lifestyle.

Our goal was to make the book bold and fresh.

The main theme of the book is Marta's journey around the globe and her experiences and inspirations taken from 50 countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, India and Morocco. You can find a graphic representation of that mix in vibrant colors used in illustrations, front pages, ending paper and green as a leading color.

Handmade lettering

The crucial part of the book was lettering, which we wanted to be handmade. So every title of every recipe, title on the cover and titles of sections are completely handwritten. 'Completely' means I've made 2683 custom letters for this book.

Book design (art direction, layout, illustrations, custom lettering): Zuzanna Rogatty
Cover design: Anna Pol
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Marginesy
Typesetting: to/studio
Photography inside the book: Marta Dymek, Zuza Krajewska
Photography of the book: Zuzanna Rogatty