Rialto Script

Rialto Script is inspired by old polish neon signs and theirs very imaginative and expressive lettering.

Neon signs were designing by great Polish artists and architects during communistic times in Poland. Every lettering were very different and contained unique letters, decorative ligatures, swashes or compositions.

The typeface is designed to evolve as your type. A large number of alternates and swashes make every word unique, just like the neon signs were in this period.

Rialto Script contains contextual alternates, basic and discretionary ligatures, initials and swashes. There are swashes for capitals, beginning and ending swashes in lowercase, plus dash swashes in lowercase. Lower and upper case contain a set of block letters which you can find by turning on Small Caps.

Rialto Script is a monolinear display swashed script and came from dynamic and rhythmical handwriting.

All of the glyphs are sit slightly above the baseline with a slanted axis. Rialto is perfect for titles, logos, signs and of course, neon signs.

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