Designed in Mamastudio

Visual identity for the brand VASINA - a project of a stylist and costume designer Vasina Maćkowiak. Her collection distinguish themselves with geometrical forms, energetic colors, and sophisticated or funny details.

Logotype comes in two versions. The basic one identifies the ready-to-wear collection. The second is encrypted and geometric version of a logotype for individual clients expecting custom design projects. A logotype for insiders. Additional, signet of a feminine hand is a graphic representation of a slogan used by the designer: V like Vasina.

In her collections Vasina plays with brand elements by printing logotype upside down, making from it a textile pattern and combining the hand signet with holy rays.

All the identity elements take a different colour scheme with each collection.

Art Director & Design: Zuzanna Rogatty
Strategic Director: Piotr Ręczajski
Photography of the collection: Pszemek Dzienis
Branding photos: Zuzanna Rogatty
Animation: Mańkut